The Chaotic Zone

The Chaotic Zone

3 February 2019 Non classé 0

There will be a new NPC in Giran called “Zaldran” who will sell you items for items called “Gold Dragon”.

Those items will be dropped by 2 monsters:

  • Chaotic invader of Fire
  • Chaotic invader of Ice

Those 2 monsters will also drop S84-Freya weapons at low rate, may the RNG god be with you.

The spawn zone of these monsters will be available to teleport from new NPC in Giran, also this zone will be an open PvP ZONE.

The PvP zone will be in the range of the new NPC.

WARNING: As I recall you the #rules . There will be sever punishment for botting users, especially in this zone. I will punish every HEAL bots, Farm bots, Support bots or any 1 guy party bots. Players YE BE WARNED.

I hope you’ll have some fun everyone!

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