L2TamaToa is powered by a tahitian team and is on low budget for launch. But we strive to give you the best Lineage 2 experience as we can and we are proud to show you our first project.

The main features are:

  • Lineage II High Five: Part 5 ready
  • XP/SP rates x45 (Mid rates)
  • Enchant safe. +4, weapon max. +25, armor/jewels max +12, Olf Shirt max +10
  • Custom Newbie tutorial system
  • Custom GateKeeper, Shop, NPC Buffer
  • Buffs duration: 2 hours buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies. Buff slots: 20 (+4 Divine Inspiration) Dance/Song slots: 12
  • Automatic Events, Custom economy, Custom drops, PvP Enabled, Newbie friendly
  • Reworked classes to increase balance, craft/spoil classes are useful, buff selling system
  • Autolearn Skills except Forgotten Scrolls
  • No quest class change
  • Custom currency

Server Settings:

  • Server time: GMT-10 HAWAII
  • Server automatic restart: everyday at 15:00 GMT-10 HAWAII
  • Olympiad time: From 16:00 to 04:00 everyday
  • Olympiad period: 1st and 15th of each month
  • Heroes every 2 weeks
  • Siege time: From 16:00 to 22:00

Custom Settings:

  • Vote Rune (12h better stats for player)
  • Reward vote system .vote
  • MP/HP automatic potions
  • .dressme skins available for donators
  • Grand Boss PvP Zones
  • Castle Siege and Territory War every 2 weeks
  • Buff Shops
  • ALT+B Scheme Buffer
  • ALT+B Global Gate Keeper
  • ALT+B GM Shop S-grade (only in safe area)
  • ALT+B Drop Database
  • Custom Elegia/Vorpal farming
  • Subclass max. level 85
  • Nobless Quest item farmable
  • Grand Boss Quest items farmable
  • Custom Clan/Alliance NPC Manager