How to Donate

By donating to L2TamaToa you agree that you are NOT entitled to receive anything from us! By donating to L2TamaToa you are contributing to the improvements of the server and we are very grateful.

To donate to L2TamaToa you have to:

  • Scroll down to the donate form
  • Choose how much you want to donate
  • From your donation you may receive some Donator Coins, a currency needed to buy premium items from in game Donation shop
  • When you selected your donate amount, enter your character nickname
  • By entering your character nickname, you agree to send the amount of Donator Coins to the selected Character
  • Be careful you’re carefully typing the correct nickname, for exemple: “L2TamaToa” and not “l2tamatoa”
  • When your donation is sent, it will be treated by our staff and you will receive your Donator Coins by in game mail
  • This system is not automatic so you will have to wait before we send you your coins : It may takes about 3 business days


Complete that form to donate, do not forget the put the right character name. For support, please contact

Get Donator Coins

Character name: